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Since I've had life experiences that many people twice my age haven't had yet (and probably never will), there's so much to say but so little time and space -- so I'll begin with just the basics...

I was born in Manhattan a week before Halloween and I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. At a very young age my mother began moving us ( me and my sis) regularly, like a band of traveling Jewish Gypsies. My Ma is a kind, free-spirited, creative type with a bit of a nutty side and my Pop is a responsible, level-headed radio engineer with a sharp wit. My interest in art began during my angsty teen years when I listened to a lot of punk rock and enjoyed copying the cover art from my favorite albums.

I started getting tattooed before I was old enough to do so, and initially I fell in love with tattoos because of my need for adrenaline -- but I also loved the mystery and magic of the experience. I began my career as a tattoo apprentice in 2004, when I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work at one of the leading tattoo shops in Manhattan. Now, tattooing has become a way to connect with my colleagues, show my support for the overall tattoo community and collect one-of-a-kind pieces from incredible artists.

Okay, so much for the basics of my bio, you may be wondering what prompted my passion for felines. Well... I was a fairly mischievous youth and got into trouble with the law on multiple occasions. One time when I was about fifteen, I was sentenced to 20 hours of community service. A friend of mine recommended volunteering at the local animal shelter that worked in conjunction with the community service program. At the time, I was a punk kid with multi-colored hair, piercings in my face and a "I don't give a crap" attitude -- but even with the wild-looking exterior, the staff at the shelter were warm and inviting and I immediately fell in love with the place. After my service to the community was complete, I felt compelled to return to the shelter and volunteer on my own time. This lead to a position as an employee of the animal shelter which I maintained throughout high school.

The shelter was a safe haven for me, a place where I could be my outrageous self, not be judged and most importantly, care for creatures who needed looking after -- which is where and when I found true happiness.

After battling with depression and two suicide attempts in my teen years, finding pure happiness was a dream come true. To this day, if I'm feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed, I snuggle up with a kitty in my lap and let their soft purr melt my worries away.

On a side note, for the duration of my employment at the animal shelter, my family adopted three cats and I brought home a fourth: a very special Calico whom I named Patches and who lived with me during my turbulent adolescence, terrible but short-lived drug phase, life-changing break-ups, cross-country trips and the beginning of my tattoo career. After she died a few years ago, I got a large tattoo of Patches on my arm (which I quietly sobbed over while getting). Patches was a great companion and a beloved family member who helped me through a lot of growing pains.

As a genuine people person I don't really care for "about" sections that don't reveal a person's character, so I will do unto others. Basically, I am a vertically-challenged, heavily tattooed, often sarcastic, animal-loving New Yorker who values close friendships as much as a good kosher dill. I'm open, honest and love listening to the stories of others recount their life experiences.

If you actually took the time to read this bio, then you're probably my kind of people. And if you actually took the time to read this bio and simultaneously correct grammar, punctuation and syntax errors, then you'll probably want to hang with my Pop.

Contact me if you're in town and you would like to get tattooed. You can also "like" my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and/or Tumblr or just send me a smoke signal! Thanks for stopping by :)