Betty Rose Atlantic

“In this delightfully offbeat documentary, filmmaker Emily Sheskin profiles a Williamsburg tattoo artist named Betty Rose. Rose is known for popularizing the “cattoo”, which is exactly what it sounds like it is—a tattoo of a cat. “People are constantly asking me for them and I will never tire of doing them,” she says. In 2012, this magazine wondered if our feline friends are making us crazy. Maybe it’s time we revise the question: Is Your Cat Making You Crazy Inked On Your Body?”
Author: Chris Heller

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“Meet Betty Rose, a badass tattoo artist and unabashedly proud cat lady who specializes in Cattoos.”
Author: Rebecca Rose

Betty Rose Jezebel
Betty Rose Brooklyn Magazine

Daily News

“Lions and tigers and, now, kitties. The latest tattoo trend has cat lovers branding their bodies with imprints of their pet tabbies. And one Williamsburg artist has made the “cattoo” her specialty. At Eight of Swords tattoo parlor in Williamsburg, Betty Rose happily renders cattoos to feline fanatics.”
Author: Molly Friedman

Betty Rose Refinery 29

“Unlike your parents, tattoo artist Betty Rose doesn’t think your ink needs to be “meaningful.” As creations of art, all that really matters in a tat is that you enjoy looking at it. This philosophy, combined with a global increase of cat admiration (thanks, Internet!), has created a new market for cat tats — or, cattoos. Yes, this is all happening in Williamsburg.”
Author: Vanessa Golembewski

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Sidekick Series

“With Betty Rose, professional tattoo artist and major cat lover, it’s all about Cattoos — cat tattoos, that is. Kitties have played a huge role in Betty’s life and her reverence for feline friends has subsequently made it into the lives and onto the skin of her impressive client list. Permanently.”
Author: Emily Sheskin

Betty Rose Shelter Pet
Betty Rose Daily News

Brooklyn Magazine

“Do you have a tattoo? Does it mean something? (Of course it does! You’re a young person with a tattoo!) Well, there’s a new kind of cool tattoo now, and it basically hoists the whole idea of “meaningful” ink out the window: the cattoo. It’s a tattoo of a cat, the only meaningful part being that you love cats. Like, a lot.”
Author: Rebecca Jennings

Betty Rose Lady Tattooer Tattoos

“Betty Rose is the woman behind the scenes who runs the inspirational art platform focused on promoting the top female tattoo artists. Lady Tattooers maintain a list of tattooers curated by tattoo artist Betty Rose & friends.”
Author: Lady Tattooers

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Needles & Sins

“Yesterday, a fantastic new blog and online community launched that I’m incredibly excited about: Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Betty Rose and her husband Matty, have created a space to promote women tattoo artists, curated with an eye towards the very best in the tattoo community.”
Author: Marisa Kakoulas

Betty Rose Needles Sins Artist
Betty Rose Daily Mail Cattoos

Daily Mail

“Cats and tattoos are each popular in their own right, but the rise of the ‘cattoo’ is a relatively new breed. Betty Rose, a cat-lover and tattoo artist based in Brooklyn, New York, has recently seen a huge spike in popularity for her renowned feline inkings.”
Author: Annabel Fenwick Elliot