Hi, I’m Betty Rose, owner of Rose & Crown Tattoos in South Austin.

I believe everything beautiful is built on a solid foundation. You can’t create quality tattoos without a great design and clean lines. My goal is to take a client’s vision and combine it with solid principles to create something truly wondrous. To me a tattoo is more than art and fashion. A tattoo is your story and a means to connect to something classic.

For me, it’s all about the look someone gets when they see a little piece of themselves transformed in the mirror for the first time and they’re overcome with joy. I love to give someone that same feeling I’ve been experiencing since I first got tattooed. When that happens I get to relive the moment I started my Halloween sleeve on my 18th birthday.

kind words from people I’ve worked with.

  • "My experience was totally positive - I went in knowing that I wanted a tattoo of a particular thing but I didn’t have a lot of detail. Betty Rose helped create a beautiful design, and walked me through the process and was very open to working on something a little different. Her studio was relaxing, bright, clean, open and friendly, and she and all her staff were positive and kind and fun. I have to go back for color and I can’t wait! Will definitely recommend to others."

    Tiffany CunninghamSatisfied Client
  • Tiffany Cunningham

    "I've been getting tattooed by Betty for years, almost 8 to be exact, and I am so pleased with my experiences. Even when I moved out of state, I chose to continue and make the trip to see her, she's that good. She has done the majority of the work on my body, most of it based on my ideas via weird email correspondence with me, and she's done amazingly every time. She's super patient, does fantastic work and I am so happy that I found her."

    Guilianna RoseLong Time Client
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