Betty believes everything beautiful is built on a solid foundation. You can’t create quality tattoos without great designs and clean lines. Betty’s goal is to take client visions and combine them with her principles to create something truly wondrous. To Betty a tattoo is more than art and fashion. A tattoo is your story and a means to connect to something classic.

Betty Rose Cat Lover
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Betty Rose Tattoo Artist

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With over 10 years experience, Betty’s range is as varied as her clientele.

Carrot vegetable sleeve betty

“Worth Every Mile”

Can’t say enough awesome things about my experience at Eight of Swords. I echo all the props for Betty Rose. I’ve been thinking about this piece for six years and somehow she pulled the image out of my brain and put it down on paper (and then skin). Traveled up from DC to consult…worth every mile.
Rose H.

Purple Paisley Cat

“incredible design”

All the tattoos I have are from her, if that summarizes how awesome she is. She is great at taking your ideas and coming up with an incredible design that she is able to tattoo… My wife even came to her to get her first tattoo from her, so yeah, this place is quite good.
James H.

Raining Fish Betty Rose Cats

“A badass chick”

I had been researching for months… seriously MONTHS to find someone I felt could achieve the look I wanted for my tattoo. Betty tattooed my 12th and by far my favorite tattoo. Light hands, listens very well to the details you give, and honestly just a bad ass chick.
Heather Z.

With Betty Rose, professional tattoo artist and major cat lover, it’s all about Cattoos — cat tattoos, that is. Shelter kitties have played a huge role in Betty’s life and her reverence for feline friends has subsequently made it into the lives and onto the skin of her impressive client list. Permanently. In this unique episode, learn more about The Cattoo through the eyes and ink of a tattoo artist and be inspired by her truly creative take on what it is to be a cat lover, and, cat lady.
-Sidekick Series

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Betty loves talking to her clients, but she appreciates it when they take the time to read her contact info before sending an e-mail. If you’ve never had a tattoo before or want a primer, she has a comprehensive FAQ on her consultation page.